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The field of life sciences, with its billion sales in  the three-digit area has been a growth market with high growth rates. Since all fundamental decisions of life are made on our planet at this level, we are investing in the company that has the exclusive present research results and the estimates based on developments on a very good technical and commercial potential for the coming years. It cost this service 15 years ago, several million US dollars and took many weeks, there are now only about 1,000 US dollars with an expected cost reduction for the coming years on only about $ 10, with results available within hours or even minutes.
Applications: Health care (current focus on cancer therapy), cancer research, diagnosis and stratification for individualized Präzisisons therapy. Agricultural technology with the development of new plant species Pharmaceuticals for the targeted development of new drugs A specific market penetration of 10% is performed. Research institutions, pharmaceutical Bottom companies, hospitals and general practitioners benefit, as everyone who seeks information about its genome, such as Cancer markers, etc..
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